20 Temmuz 2009 Pazartesi

Küçük Bey

Under the shades of indigo.. In the dim half-light..

At an anonymously safe haven.. In a blind spot laden with people seeking oblivion in bottles of alcohol..

A dream weaver.. Feeding on the dreams woven by a dreamer..

Lying on a sofa.. Serene and patient.. Two minds swirling around one another.. Free from judgment, hassle, doubt.. Treading on realms of the familiar.. Wiping the slumber..

Nowhere in the world is less vulnerable.. You know this sentiment.. Swimming against the tide, drifting with the flow of a shimmering and sparkling undertow.. As if right in the pit of your stomach..

Part conscious, part unconscious.. Yet conscious of the both..

 - I hate definitions.. I always fear defining things.. 

- But you said your life is defined..

- But I did not say I like my life..


-    I read somewhere in a book.. There are specific smiles which suddenly lighten you up.. It read more or less like ‘She had a smile arousing the feeling that there would be no more rain for ever..’ I think you have one of those..

-    :)


 -    One always plays roles in life.. The role of an employee.. The role of a son.. The role of a friend.. The role of a darling.. You can't be yourself..

-      What role are you playing now..?

-       I am not playing a role, I guess..

Been so long..

Just for a change..

Doing nothing but just lying and talking in comfort of finding a place for the head.. Finding an ear for your mouth..

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